Black and white traditional 2d pen and ink illustration of an anime character lying sideways on grass looking at a personified flower


  • The Art of Walking

    Three books titled The Art of Walking; Finding peace and beauty in troubled times are stacked on top of each other. The book’s cover is white with black text, and there is a scenic, colourful photo of a pathway surrounded by flowers on the front page. Minimal design.

    47 page photobook
    Graphic and layout design for The Art of Walking; Finding peace and beauty in troubled times written by Michael McCarthy.

  • Password Generator

    Two keys made of 4 zigsaw puzzle pieces with a blue handle are about to get entangled/locked into each other.

    A cryptographically strong random password generator app that creates complex passwords. Passwords are generated client-side, without information being sent to an external machine or server. No external third-party libraries are used.

  • tra la la land

    Black and white ink illustration of an abstract, androgynous, harlequin-like cartoon character holding a yoyo.

    A series of pen and ink illustrations showcasing a ficticious, surreal world, where subtle metaphors are used to relate to the human experience.

  • #00FF00

    Do you like the colour green? So do we. Here's a graphic illustration series dedicated to one of our favourite hex codes, #00FF00.

  • Object(s)

    A hand points to a hanging orange wooden toy butterfly inside of a surreal room with bubble wrapped walls.

    Experimental, autobiographical short film | 6 min 43 sec
    An exploration of the objects we collect and our relationship to them through time.

  • Time Trap

    Man wearing all white stands looking upwards in the centre of a small, surreal-like room with one door on each wall.

    Experimental short film | 2 min 30 sec
    Time appears to be playing a never-ending game. Is there an escape?

  • Noodle Faced

    Abstract vector graphic illustration of thin, yellow noodle-like strands creating a face-like visual.

    A small ongoing project we made after seeing face-like shapes in our noodles bowls.

  • Tommi Tops

    User interface design for a colorful Japanese cartoon style children’s game app. UI pages shown: welcome back, player select, item list, game sample.

    User interface design for Tommi Tops, an interactive Japanese/English game app for children. UI pages shown: welcome back, player select, item list, game sample.

  • The Masked Flowers

    Stop motion animation | 9 min 48 sec
    A community of happy, dancing flowers are put under a spell to live with masks, in segregation from one another. Will they be able to break the curse?

  • Fruit Book

    20 page paperback book
    Water colour illustrations and design for a children's English alphabet book written by Brittni Hagen.

  • Tunnel Trips

    Series of visceral vector illustrations of gray tubular shapes.

    Scroll through to take a tunnel trip…what do you see?

  • Autism Career Pathways

    Logo with a path leading up to a wheel with five human figures on it. Each figure is between two spokes and is pushing or pulling to move the wheel forward.

    Logo and business card design for Autism Career Pathways, an initiative to prepare ASD adolescents and adults on the spectrum for entry into the workplace.

  • EU: The Rise & Fall

    Abstract animation of the European Union flag; yellow stars move in a merry-go-round motion, in and out of black holes in the ground.

    A metaphorical representation of the European Flag.

  • 90s Things

    Vector illustration of the Chinese Checkers board game; a colorful, dotted hexagonal star placed inside of a black circle with a thinner red outline.

    A simple design project reconnecting us to our pasts. These are some things we loved as kids.

  • Pinball

    Experimental design of green, white, and black pinball games, positioned in a four by four grid structure.

    What’s the probability of one ball hitting two blocks within a confined area? Use Monte Carlo simulation to find out.

  • Walls & Balls

    Geometric landscape prototype for an interactive 3D balancing game created with code.

  • Infinity

    Interactive audio-visual installation created using Processing and Microsoft Kinect, in collaboration with Bella Roscher.

  • Saw-mon's Dream

    Experimental short film | 3 min 24 sec | Bolex 16mm
    A metaphorical piece exploring the relationship between past, present, and perception.

  • Tacit Segments

    Experimental freehand pen and ink drawing. Small, abstract, floating shapes connect with one another to create a surreal, chair-like structure.

    A series of abstract pen and ink illustrations, motivated by the surrealist automatism style.

  • E-S-C-A-P-E

    Escape! The letters create the obstacle (maze) to the word’s demand. Design for a 1-4 player maze building strategy game. Trap your opponents before they trap you!

  • Telegram Sticker Pack

    A set of animated stickers designed for the cloud-based instant messaging service on Telegram.

  • c-lock

    Simple vector illustration of a combination padlock. The hours on a clock are presented in place of the typical padlock numbers.

    Lock time! A simple play on the fantasization of stopping time. Animated with Javascript and CSS.

  • Mix Tape

    A blue, white, and yellow vector illustration of a playful 90s style CD-ROM case and CD. Cute flower and happy face stickers cover the CD.

    An ongoing project dedicated to our love for collecting and sharing music. Design your own mix tape!

  • Clown Cards

    Four cartoon clown heads are lined up in a row facing the camera. The clowns look mesmerizing and are identical apart from the colors of their features; red, yellow, blue and green are used to distinguish them from one another.

    Design for Clown Cards, a simple 1-4 player board game. Get to the centre before your opponents do!

  • Jeremy & Felicia

    A close up of a female doll’s face looks directly at the camera. She has blue eyes and is wearing a colorful beaded necklace. The lighting makes her skin look orange and pink. There is a 90s kitsch aesthetic style.

    A stop motion animation series following the lives of Jeremy and Felicia, two dolls who live on opposite sides of a room.